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Please choose whether you would like a vanity or console.
Floating Console
Floating Vanity
Please choose the width.
24" Cabinet
24" Single
36" Cabinet
36" Single
48" Cabinet
48" Single
60" Cabinet Single
60" Single
60" Cabinet Double
60" Double
72" Cabinet
72" Double
84" Cabinet
84" Double
96" Cabinet
96" Double
Please choose if you'd prefer a base or premium-tier lumber.
Please choose the type of lumber you would like.
Birch Wood
Wild Beech Wood
Cherry Wood
Poplar Wood
Sapele Wood
White Oak Wood
White Oak
Please choose the type of lumber you would like.
Rift Sawn White Oak Wood
Rift Sawn White Oak
Walnut Wood
Please choose which countertop option you'd prefer.
Cabinet Only
Base Cabinet Only
Quartz Countertop
Quartz Countertop
Wood Countertop
Wood Countertop
Please choose which countertop option you'd prefer.
Base Cabinet Only
Quartz Top With Sink Basin
Please choose which style of sink basin you would prefer.
Please choose how many holes you would like in your countertop for fixtures.
Single Hole
Please choose the style of Quartz countertop you'd prefer.
Calacatta Prado Quartz Countertop
Calacatta Prado
Jasmine White Quartz Countertop
Jasmine White
Morning Frost Quartz Countertop
Morning Frost
Rocky Mountain Quartz Countertop
Rocky Mountain
Silver Sea Quartz Countertop
Silver Sea
Please specify how many wall ends are needed
Free Standing
Left Wall End Only
Right Wall End Only
Wall to Wall
Wall End Photos
Wall Ends Top View
Please choose the pull style you would prefer.
7979 Brushed Gold Pull Style
7979 Brushed Gold
7979 Brushed Nickel Pull Style
7979 Brushed Nickel
7979 Oriental Bronze Pull Style
7979 Oriental Bronze
8864 Brushed Nickel Pull Style
8864 Brushed Nickel
8864 Matte Black Pull Style
8864 Matte Black
8864 Royal Gold Pull Style
8864 Royal Gold
9898 Brushed Black Pull Style
9898 Brushed Black
9898 Brushed Champagne Pull Style
9898 Brushed Champagne Bronze
9898 Satin Gold Pull Style
9898 Satin Gold
9898 Stainless Steel Pull Style
9898 Stainless Steel
Grand total


Wes Edwin Design’s Floating Style cabinetry is raised from the floor and wall-mounted, creating a spacious and modern feel. The Floating style is available to purchase as a bathroom vanity or home furniture console. The premium-tier Floating Style is available in Walnut and Rift Sawn White Oak. The base-tier Floating Style is available in our lumber selection of Birch, Cherry, Beech, Poplar, Sapele, and White Oak. Please see the specs and option descriptions below before placing your order. The full price will be reflected once all selections have been made.

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