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Custom Cabinetry Projects

Our innovative designs maximize the useful space in your home.


Warmth, Function, and Beauty

MidMod Leawood Ranch

Suburban Bourbon

Merry MidMod Christmas

Western Auto Loft

Asian Minimalist with WED Twist

Friendly Modern Scandinavian in Fairway

Bright and Airy Beech

Living In Longfellow

Seamless Sapele, Bright White

A Minimalist State

Bargain Mansions “Race to the Finish”

Our Signature Roanoke Style

A unique Wes Edwin Design, the Roanoke Cabinet is a chameleon. Its embellished post footings create a furniture style elegance, while the slab fronts lean to a more modern style. Vertically grain-matched, or smooth paint, this cabinet can become whatever style you want it to be.

The post footings of the Roanoke style can be scribed to the floor, solving a major problem of uneven flooring which plagues many home remodels. What’s more- the raised cabinet is just high enough to store your robotic vacuum out of sight. No need to sweep underneath them yourself!

The Roanoke cabinet is our most versatile product and is exclusive to Wes Edwin Design.

Bargain Mansions “On Par For Glory”

The Edwin Kitchen


Walnut, White and Black

Transitional Elegance in Shawnee

Blue Note & Walnut

The Family Hunting Lodge

White Oak Warmth

Erica Kay Kitchen

Preserving History in Pendleton Heights

Tangled Up in Blue


We have had the pleasure of collaborating with many of Kansas City’s top designers and contractors. Many of the projects pictured throughout this site are the results of such collaborations with the following companies.